Archery Equipment & Coaching for Women

archery for women

Archery is perceived to be a male dominated sport, this cant be further away from the truth. Being a coach I often hear in casual conversations from women about how tough it would be and they wouldn’t be able to draw the bow string, etc etc…

Well good news there is a bow for you. All you need is to be fitted correctly into a carefully selected bow. Manufactures build adult bows today as little as 20 pounds draw weight and that’s generally adjustable, depending on the style of  the bow – Compound, Longbow, or Recurve.

Besides all the obvious benefits that include: being, social, making new friends, getting outdoors more often, staying fit (there’s a lot of walking involved!), a sense of achievement, a chance to compete, just to name a few, and of course it’s just plain old FUN!

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