Kids Archery

Archery Equipment & Coaching for Children

kids archery

Children’s archery is the the future of our sport. Special care and attention are required when choosing a bow for a child, especially when choosing the draw weight, as their young bodies are still growing and it is easy to damage growth plates, tendons and ligaments. And of course, safety comes first.

There’s only one reason a child would shoot a bow and that’s for the pure enjoyment. Shooting a badly fitted bow would hurt the little archers, they would definitely not have fun with that, putting the bow down and probably forgetting about it forever.

Typical questions about fitting your child into a bow are:
– What style of bow would they like to shoot?
– What’s the correct bow length?
– What’s the correct bow weight?
– What arrows do I need?
– How can I coach my child?
– Where can I shoot safely?

We can help choose the right archery equipment for your child, taking into consideration their personal color preference – because one of the most important things in this sport for kids is to look COOL!

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